Second Opinion Breast Imaging and Pathology

Second Opinions at Our Savannah Office

Patient waiting area at our office.Second opinion breast imaging consult $499 cash discount fee is to be paid in full up front. Pathology fees are additional to the imaging interpretation fee. Pathology consultation fee is in addition to the imaging interpretation fee; it is variable depending on what tests were already performed and if additional tests will be needed.

When a Second Opinion Is Needed

When a breast or axillary biopsy was recommended at another facility or institution, when confirmation of a diagnosis is needed prior to treatment, when there is a conflicting diagnosis, such as receiving different medical opinions, or your prior doctor(s) did not seem confident, when your physician or primary provider is recommending a second opinion, and lastly when you desire peace of mind. Having a second opinion of a fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologist should help put your mind at ease.

The Reasons for a Second Opinion

Because additional imaging findings not previously seen or disregarded as normal could change your treatment, to have your imaging reviewed by an experienced fellowship trained breast imager, to confirm the correct diagnosis; whether to have the opinion of a subspeciality pathologist or to evaluate pathologic/imaging concordance. Many times, a second opinion can “catch” a medical error (insufficient radiologist reads, lack of experience of the radiologist with a specific condition or reading high level breast exams, or lack of thoroughness in examining all the images.)

What to Expect

You get a formal second opinion written imaging report for any breast imaging concerns: determination will be made whether the pathology results (most will be reviewed at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and St. Joseph’s/Candler in Savannah, GA) match the imaging findings, expert opinion and recommendations delivered by an expert radiologist at the patient’s preference of in-person, via telephone, or video-call.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

A patient signed written release is necessary to obtain your current breast imaging with formal reports [within the past 6 months] and at least 2 years or earlier images with formal reports, if any exists. Often the patient can obtain the imaging and reports on a CD that can be sent in or dropped off during business hours to the office at 322 Stephenson Ave, Ste B, in Savannah. The more comparisons or earlier year exams going back more than 2 years is extremely helpful and may alter management. Please note, breast MRI exams are typically viewed on special software programs and sometimes breast MRIs performed at outside facilities and institutions are unable to be reviewed without that specific software program. If this is the case, a repeat breast MRI exam may be recommended. Not all imaging facilities or institutions demand the highest quality images or newest MRI technology.

If you had a recent biopsy [within 6 months] then patient signed written release of records is necessary to obtain the biopsy specimen sample and microscopic slides with reports. This information will be sent for review to the pathology department at Emory University or St. Joseph’s/Candler.

The Process

Once all necessary imaging exams are available and, if necessary, pathology review is completed, then a formal report will be available in 1 business day. If a recent biopsy was performed, the pathology review process at Emory University or St. Joseph’s/Candler takes 1-3 business days to complete after receiving the necessary specimen and slides (please allow 24-48 hours for shipping.) EBI radiologists will confer with the pathologists to determine if the imaging findings match the pathology findings. Typically, the longest part of the second opinion process is obtaining all prior relevant breast imaging studies with reports and having the pathology sent/read after a formal request.

All too frequently, incomplete imaging studies, and/or corrupted files, or only the most current breast imaging study are forwarded to EBI. We must re-request the images and/or pathology specimens/slides again, which may take a few days and sometimes weeks (depending on the facility or institution.)

Schedule your second opinion at EBI by calling our office at (912) 335-5328