Screening Mammography

Doctor examines mammogram snapshot of breast of female patient on the monitors.Breast Mammograms in Savannah

A screening mammogram is an x-ray exam for patients without any symptoms or signs of breast cancer, typically consisting of two views of each breast. The American Cancer Society [ACS], American College of Radiology [ACR], Society of Breast Imaging [SBI] – just to name a few – all recommend that every woman between the ages of 40 and 74 get a screening mammogram every year. Some high-risk patients or those with a strong family history of breast cancer may start screening mammography prior to age 40. Therefore, discussing your risk for breast cancer and family history of breast cancer with your primary care provider frequently starting around age 25 should be considered.

EBI recommends asymptomatic patients with a personal history of breast cancer to have an annual screening mammogram to avoid the excess out of pocket costs required with a diagnostic mammogram. If additional imaging is necessary, the extra tests needed will be performed immediately.

Some oncologists and surgeons recommend diagnostic mammograms on those patients with a personal history of breast cancer. A lot of times the reason for this is that the results are available prior to their follow up appointment with that provider [typically on the same day]. Since EBI provides same day services, we eliminate this problem and save the patients and insurance payers money. We always try to minimize anxiety and maximize patient comfort.

All screening mammograms at EBI utilize digital breast tomosynthesis [DBT] “3D mammography” technology and is one of the only local facilities utilizing 3D artificial intelligence. DBT (compared to regular 2D) allows us to see more cancers and decrease the chances you will need additional images, which helps to minimize anxiety and decrease costs.

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