Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Bone Density and Body Composition Scans

EBI now offers Bone Density and Body Composition scans on our brand new Hologic DEXA machine, which provides a rapid acquisition time and accurate reproducible results.

Hologic DEXA machine provides bone density and body composition assessments

Who should get a DEXA bone density assessment?

DEXA bone density assessment provides critical screening for those at risk for or who have had prior fragility fractures. This includes ALL women 65 years of age or older and ALL men 70 years of age and older according to the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation. Screening may start at 50 years of age for those with additional risk factors like a prior vertebral or hip fracture.

In addition to screening for osteoporosis, a DEXA bone density assessment can be used to monitor osteopenia/osteoporosis treatment changes amongst many other diagnostic indications.

Who should get a DEXA body composition assessment?

Utilizing Hologic’s proprietary BodyLogic Scan, a comprehensive body composition assessment provides vital information regarding muscle mass, body fat mass (including visceral fat %), and bone mass. This information can be used in weight loss programs, to monitor training progress in athletes, and to monitor visceral fat % in (pre) diabetic patients.