Diagnostic Mammography

Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms in Savannah

Mammogram snapshot of breasts of a female patient on the monitor with undergoing mammography test on the background.Diagnostic mammography is an x-ray exam for an abnormality detected on a screening mammogram OR performed on patients with a sign or symptom of breast cancer. Typically consisting of at least two views although more images and/or an ultrasound may be necessary to reach a conclusion. For example, magnification views are used to get a closer look at the size and shape of minute calcifications.

Roughly 8 out of 10 patients with an indeterminate finding detected on a screening mammogram will have normal or benign findings after a diagnostic mammogram and/or ultrasound. Some patients with an unremarkable diagnostic mammogram may undergo an ultrasound to confirm normal findings especially when the patient has dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue may obscure small cancers on mammography.

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