What Sets Us Apart

Personalized Breast Screening and Diagnostic Care in Savannah

Our office with comfortable patient amenities.Expert Breast Imaging offers high-quality breast cancer screenings and a comprehensive range of diagnostic and interventional services to accurately diagnose and plan treatment of breast cancer and other breast conditions. We have convenient weekday evening and Saturday hours.

  • Early morning and late afternoon screening mammography appointments are available for those patients who choose not to participate in same-day services. Results will be available within 1 business day.
  • EBI is a local 100% physician owned medical practice rather than an out-of-state corporate conglomerate.
  • Personalized approach to medical care with honest, transparent communication.

Same-Day Services

Expert Breast Imaging offers quick, convenient same day diagnostic breast cancer testing following abnormal screening mammography interpretation or if the patient has a sign or symptom that could be breast cancer.

Getting any medical test or exam can be an emotional and anxiety filled time for the patient. This is especially true for patients getting a mammogram. While other hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers have the patient come in for additional diagnostic breast cancer imaging, such as additional mammographic views, and/or an ultrasound, on multiple days that are typically weeks to months apart, EBI expedites this process into one single visit.

If the patient requires additional testing, then the patient can schedule the additional imaging or a biopsy on the same day. All results and recommendations are communicated to patients conveniently on the same day by a breast imaging physician expert. Biopsy samples take 2-3 days to process, and the results will be called to the patient as soon as available.

Schedule an appointment by calling our office at (912) 335-5328