Does It Matter Who Reads Your Breast Imaging?

The Expert Breast Imaging Difference

Patient changing rooms.Yes, it does matter who reads your breast imaging. A breast imaging fellowship-trained board certified radiologist makes a difference.

Up to 61% of cancers detected on annual screening mammography or within 12 months of a reported “normal” screening mammogram had visible signs of cancer on their prior year mammogram. Some of the signs are subtle and sometimes the cancer is just missed by the radiologist. While no one is perfect, the radiologist who reads your mammogram matters!

Discrepancy between outside imaging systems/centers and second-opinion breast imaging subspecialists [breast imaging fellowship trained radiologists] frequently results in additional workup for breast cancer patients, changes in treatment plan, and identification of new malignancies.

Roughly up to 1 in 5 (as high as 39.9% in one study) of breast cancer patients will have a statistically significant difference in interpretation of their breast imaging by obtaining a second opinion.

Roughly half of patients without a breast cancer diagnosis who self-referred for a second opinion of imaging results received a change in radiologic interpretation by a subspeciality breast imaging radiologists. Some recommended biopsies were deemed unnecessary, or some cancers were detected that would have been missed.

Are you okay with any radiologist reading your exam?  In group radiology practices that read imaging exams for hospitals and healthcare organizations, general radiologists or radiologists trained in other subspecialites will cover the breast imaging department for a colleague who is out on vacation/maternity/health leave or working a night shift.

Is your radiologist a jack of all trades but master of none? Dr. Zac Kuchta did years of extra training exclusively doing breast imaging, he has years of experience reading only breast imaging exams, and he attends multiple annual breast cancer specific meetings yearly to continue to offer the highest quality patient care.

At EBI, all imaging exams and procedures are read and performed, respectively, by a board-certified doctor with extra years in training only in breast imaging. You can choose where you get a mammogram and who reads it- we hope you choose us!