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In the USA, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. 75% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no known risk factors or a significant family history of breast cancer. For women over the age 50, skipping a mammogram every other year would miss up to 30% of breast cancers. Get a mammogram every year- it could very well save your life!

Expert Breast Imaging (EBI) is a locally-owned, 100% physician-run breast cancer imaging center that offers complete and compassionate same day breast diagnostic services in a private, comfortable environment. The team at EBI strives for excellence and highly values patient care.

Digital Imaging Devoted to Women’s Health

3D Mammography.

3D Mammography

Mammography allows doctors to look inside your breast tissue for lesions, abnormalities, or breast cancer. We offer digital 3D or tomosynthesis mammograms that capture individual highly-detailed layers of your breast tissue in slices (or cross-sections) that doctors can flip through like a book.
Breast ultrasound.

Breast Ultrasound

Safe and non-invasive, a breast ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to look at the structure of your breast tissue. learn about the science, the benefits, and the experience. Our radiologist will assess and interpret the images and provide you results and recommendations on the same day.
Contrast-enhanced mammograms.

Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

Contrast-enhanced mammography is a valuable tool in the diagnosis of primary breast cancer. It can also be used to assess the extent of cancer in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. Contrast-enhanced mammograms create X-rays that see deeper and better than the standard mammogram.
Breast biopsy.

Breast Biopsy

We offer a full range of breast biopsy technologies that utilize minimally invasive techniques, which can eliminate the need for surgical biopsies. Different types of biopsies are needed based on each patient’s unique circumstances. The samples will be sent to a lab to be examined by a breast pathologist.

Meet Our Board-Certified Fellowship Trained Breast Radiologist

No one will take better care of you than you. While both a general surgeon and a neurosurgeon go through several years of surgical training, you wouldn’t go to a general surgeon to have a brain operation. So why would you go to a general radiologist to have your mammogram read? Fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologists detect more breast cancers and are less likely to recommend additional testing than general radiologists dabbling in breast imaging.

At EBI, all imaging exams and procedures are read and performed, respectively, by a board-certified doctor with extra years in training only in breast imaging. If a biopsy is necessary, the pathology results are preferably provided by sub-specialty doctors at Emory University.

Zachariah Kuchta, DO - Breast Imaging Fellowship Trained Radiologist in Savannah, GA